A revolutionary answer to hair loss sweeps Northampton

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is a new answer to thinning hair and hair loss that is now being offered in a Northamptonshire tattoo studio

A tattoo treatment to fill in thinning hair, and a shaved head hairline, may be the answer if you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to combat your hair demons.

SMP is now being offered by Nikita Parsons (Kippy) at Creative Tutch Body Art in Kislingbury and it has already changed the life of many.

If you don’t know much about it, the treatment involves a tattoo process that can give you a full shaven head of hair effect with layered micro dots. You can also use this to give thinning hair a real boost as it creates the look of a thickened hair line with the same micro dots between real hair follicles, that blends in.

Kippy, mum-of-two said: “Why shouldn’t men feel good about themselves too? There are a lot of treatments available for women with semi-permanent and permanent make-up options so it’s great to offer something for men as well. SMP can also be used for women, as they can also suffer from thinning hair, density issues and hair loss.

“The process is great to cover any scars and those suffering from alopecia. Scars can’t be covered for one year but after that they can be hidden with SMP. I have found some of my most rewarding treatments to have been given to those who have suffered with low esteem for many years because of their fears and confidence around hair, for whatever issue.”

Kippy has been with Sami at Creative Tutch since June 2022 and this treatment is proving really popular. To complete the process it takes roughly 3-4 sessions, over about 8 weeks. It’s non-invasive and is reported to be minimally painful.

On average, the full treatment over the 3-4 sessions will cost approximately £1,500 but you are advised to get a quote from Kippy as this can vary depending on what your needs are.

Daniel, who has had the full treatment with Kippy said: “ My confidence is on a new level after the mostly painless procedure. I feel incredible and wake up everyday looking in the mirror and being happy with what I see.”

When Kippy was asked if SMP hurt, she said: “You would never believe that I have had clients who have fallen asleep in the chair when I have been doing it.”

To find out more you can contact Kippy or Creative Tutch Body Art.

The tattoo studio has been tucked away in Kislingbury since 2010 and offers tattoos and beauty treatment in an amazing setting, and is a real inspiration to a creative soul.